NCSC Digital Loft: Exercise in a Box

01 Apr 2022

The National Cyber Security Centre is urging UK organisations to follow its guidance on steps to take when the cyber threat is heightened.
While the NCSC is not aware of any specific threats to UK organisations at this time in relation to the events in Ukraine, the situation is being monitored closely.


2021 was the year that ransomware moved from being a cyber criminal matter to be investigated and dealt with through law enforcement channels into a national security threat. NCSC’s Annual Report described it as the greatest cyber threat to the UK.


This session will focus on NCSC’s free global tool Exercise in a Box.


Exercise in a box is an exercising product that will provide a facilitator with the tools to run and plan a cyber resilience testing exercise from start to finish. We will demonstrate how the tool works and walk you through a Ransomware exercise we have available.

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