Energy Idea Challenge 2021

08 Jan 2021

(2021 London Energy Idea Challenge Proposal.pdf - Google Drive).

The Energy Idea Challenge 2021 is an inter-university idea hackathon, where students will collaborate in teams to design a solution to achieve net-zero emissions in London ahead of 2050. These proposals will be developed over the weekend of 6-7 March and then presented to a panel of industry experts. The event brings together students from across London in an environment of innovation and creativity.

If your company is interested in sponsoring this event, there are three sponsorship proposals: Bronze (£200), Silver (£500), and Gold (£1000). The goal is to obtain £2000 in financial support. Sponsors will be given the opportunity to join a panel of industry experts who will select a winning pitch. 

BEAMA is proud to be taking this opportunity to connect with future graduates on a subject of such great importance. 

Enquiries or expressions of interest should be directed to Elizaveta Nidzelskaya at [email protected].