COVID 19  - Updated advice to business

25 Mar 2020

Further to the Guidance obtained by BEAMA from Government on 24th and 25th of March, this further FAQ Guidance has now been provided.

This specifically mentions manufacturing, construction and operation of machinery as jobs that require travel to work and so employees can continue to travel to work.  It also provides some greater clarity on points such as:

  • If you are not specifically required to close the workplace then it is important to carry on the business
  • That doing so does not conflict with the stay-at-home policy and is consistent with Public Health England (PHE) and Chief Medical Officer (CMO advice
  • Where staff are on site because they cannot do the work from home, then social distancing should be observed and handwashing facilities provided, where possible
  • Where full distancing is not possible or handwashing cannot be as easily accessed as would be recommended, the PHE/CMO advice is that it is still okay to come to work