Business Brexit Taskforce hosted by the Rt Hon Michael Gove MP

13 Nov 2020

This first meeting of the industry TF chaired by Michael Gove took place in the afternoon of the 12th November. BEAMA CEO Dr Howard Porter was part of the invited industry group, in his role as chair of EURIS. This group is intended to meet weekly for the remainder of 2020 and in the fist few weeks of 2021. It provides a direct route for companies in BEAMA to have their specific issued aired and communicated with the senior decision makers in Government.

The opening of the taskforce meeting yesterday was filmed by the BBC and was used as part of their report on the efforts to get a trade deal and the resignation of senior aids to Government.

Dr Porter was able to cover 3 issues on the list agreed with members, but all other issues were covered by other industry commentators. The paper plus the 3 company exemplars were shared with the Cabinet office following the meeting as requested my Minister Gove. It is intended that Government respond top all issues raised by early next week. There is no date planned for the next Taskforce meeting, but assuming it will be towards the end of next week, members have an opportunity to discuss progress as part of the regular Wednesday afternoon on-line meeting.