BEIS online survey on UK businesses’ use of EU inputs

13 Apr 2022

UK government has started or will shortly start negotiations on free trade agreements (FTAs) with a number of trade partners, including Canada, Gulf states and Mexico.  As we have reported consistently to BEIS and other Government departments about the high proportion of EU inputs in UK manufactured products, BEIS have set out to improve their evidence base and further expand their understanding of the supply chains and production patterns.  A key issue is that the current UK FTAs with, for instance, Canada and Mexico are rolled over from the EU agreements and so already include EU content as counting towards UK status for goods to claim preferential tariffs under Rules of Origin.  Other of these ‘roll-over’ FTAs will come up for re-negotiation in the near future and the same risk will apply, that the countries involved will not maintain this extended cumulation of EU inputs and content, meaning that some UK products will lose their eligibility for preferential and zero tariffs.


The survey is relatively short and completely anonymised so please respond if possible to reinforce the need for strong negotiation to recognise the importance of our sector and its connections with European and Global trade.


A response will also be submitted for BEAMA centrally but it will necessarily be very generalised so individual company data will be even more useful.


For any queries please contact [email protected]