BEIS clarification for BEAMA members on permitted work and travel

24 Mar 2020

There has been considerable uncertainty over the effect of the PM’s announcement on the continuing operation of BEAMA member’s workplaces, factories and staff work in maintenance, servicing etc.  We have obtained the following clarification from BEIS, which confirms that staff are permitted to travel to work and carry out manufacturing operations and associated equipment services.  All appropriate social distancing measures should be followed and employers must ensure that workers are not placed at any unnecessary risk in the workplace

Following the PMs announcement of further social distancing measures being introduced to combat Coronavirus.

To clarify – Government lines to business are:

  • If it is impossible for you to work from home, you are able to go to work. For example, this will apply to those who do manual labour, such as in the construction and manufacturing industries, as well as those who provide services that cannot be done from home.
  • You are able to go to work if you absolutely have to, unless you are a vulnerable member of society, in which case we urge you to stay at home as per the guidance.