BEAMA welcomes the sixth edition of the BSRIA guide BG 29 Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems

10 Jun 2020

Fresh on the heels of the revised guidance for domestic systems, BS 7593:2019 code of practice for the preparation, commissioning and maintenance of domestic central heating and cooling water systems, BSRIA have released the sixth edition of BG 29 Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems.

This document, specifically for industrial or commercial-sized heating and cooling systems of typically more than 200 litres, provides good practice recommendations to ensure that newly installed systems are left in a suitably clean condition, and that the water quality is satisfactory.

Consistent with best practice for the domestic sector, this document highlights the importance of chemically cleaning and chemically inhibiting heating systems of all sizes. Whilst BG 29 recognising that other countries may opt for alternative technology, it confirms that these are outside of the scope of this guidance.

BEAMA have recently published a guidance document on BS 7593:2019 you can download a copy of this technical guidance here.