BEAMA welcomes the publication of the Government’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan.

14 Jul 2021

It will also demonstrate a commitment to better options for travellers and a cleaner, safer environment. We particularly welcome the messages it contains that give further confidence to the entire supply chain of electric vehicle infrastructure. This will improve access to finance, reduce costs, deliver greater value for money and improve the experience of using electric vehicles.

BEAMA also welcomes:

  • The 2035 Delivery Plan to meet the target end date of sale of non-zero emission vehicles
  • The Green Paper on a New Road Vehicle CO2 Emissions Regulatory Framework for the UK
  • The Government’s response to its 2019 Smart Charging consultation, in particular its intention to regulate this year to ensure that all new home and workplace charge points have smart capability
  • The promise to review the ways network and connection charges are allocated
  • The promise to publish an EV infrastructure strategy this year, setting out a vision for infrastructure rollout, and roles for the public and private sectors in achieving it
  • The Government’s expectation that electrification will be the main way of decarbonising rail transport.

Although there seems to be no new money for EV infrastructure, the Transport Decarbonisation Plan cements existing funding commitments that will last for the next few years and gives a useful reminder of existing commitments of support for this nascent and rapidly growing sector that is critical to our Net Zero path. We will look to Government in the coming months to provide more detail on how its laudable ambitions will be delivered.

BEAMA is especially pleased to note the Government’s pragmatic approach to standards for smart electric vehicle charging, with compliance standards being mandatory except where organisations can prove that their charge points comply with suitable equivalent standards that meet the same outcomes. We look forward to working closely with Government on behalf of the infrastructure supply chain to deliver a safe, secure, convenient, affordable and reliable EV charging experience for all consumers.

Richard Earl, R&D Director at EO Charging and Chair of the BEAMA EV Infrastructure Group, said:

We are really excited to work with all stakeholders to enable the transition to a green economy.

Jeremy Yapp, Head of Flexible Energy Systems and Manager of the BEAMA EV Infrastructure Group, said:

We welcome the ambition displayed in the Government’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan. We now look forward to seeing more detail on how this level of ambition will be delivered and on how electrification and decarbonisation of transport will be coordinated with other sectors, for example heating. This Plan sets out a path to a greener, cleaner transport sector and will give consumers, the infrastructure supply chain and service providers increased confidence in the race to Net Zero. The challenge now is for us to work together to make this confidence transformative.