BEAMA welcomes the publication of the consultation on the proposed LEXiCON methodology

09 Jul 2021

BEAMA welcomes the publication of the consultation and congratulates the project team for their hard work.  The consultation document can be found here:

‘The aim of the LEXiCON project is to support international best practice for the creation and management of product data by standardising the production, use, and management of product data. This will be achieved through the development of a consensus process for the collaborative formation of product data templates and a software platform with a free-to-access industry portal to facilitate the creation, grouping, filtering and verification of parameters to form Product Data Templates’.

BEAMA looks forward to adopting the LEXiCON methodology and working with other stakeholders to make product data readily and freely available to all users.   

BEAMA will be responding to the consultation and will engage with members shortly.