BEAMA welcomes the clarity announced on the introduction of UKCA marking.

01 Sep 2020

BEAMA welcomes the clarity announced today from the Government on the introduction of UKCA marking. Following consistent and constructive lobbying from the CEOs of BEAMA member companies and senior management team at BEAMA, the pragmatic Government plans for a phased introduction should allow all companies to maintain the supply of legally marked products to the UK market throughout 2021-23. BEAMA will be working with Government to provide clarity for all the industry stakeholders throughout the new introduction timescales.

The industry will continue to focus on the practical issues related to the end of the transition period following the UK leaving the EU. These include the marking regulations for products produced in Northern Ireland and those for the labeling of energy using products. All companies would appreciate similarly pragmatic approaches to these and other regulatory changes. Details of the Government announcement below:


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