BEAMA Surveys Members on Unique Product Identifiers

08 Jun 2022

BEAMA are surveying members on UPIs (Unique Product Identifiers) to find out if and how they are used.

What are unique product identifiers and what are their purpose?

Unique product identifiers, also known as UPIs, specifically define and distinguish products in the global marketplace. Each product has its unmatchable UPI that is designated by the manufacturer.

 What does it mean? Every single product has its unique identifier that helps you to find products you are looking for; with all the specifications you could have ever asked for.

Common UPIs are not a single number, they consist of Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) or European Article Numbers (EAN)s, Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPNs) and brand names. Those numbers help the company/seller to promote their brand, make it easier for the customer/user to find products and make the manufacturer’s ads more visible. This questionnaire is focused on the topic of GTINs (barcodes): If and how they are used by BEAMA members.

The survey will be open for responses until the 19th August and BEAMA members can complete the survey below.

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How to verify if your GTIN is correct

To verify your GTIN you should use these techniques:

  • Count the number of digits used in each GTIN; as shown above, each GTIN has a special set of digits. Make sure you know these types to be sure the GTIN matches with the item.
  • GTIN uses only numbers, if there is a letter, GTIN is incorrect.
  • Mathematical check – check digit to make sure the UPI is correct. You can also use GS1 check digit calculator.
  • Make sure there aren’t any numbers in the restricted range, such as prefixes 2, 02, 04. Or the range of coupons which is 99, 981-984
  • Don’t submit a reserved code. There are GTIN codes that are reserved for future uses, therefore if you use one of those prefixes the Diagnostic tab in Merchant Center will let you know and make you adjust your code.