Beama's position on the Eco Design Preparatory Study on Smart Appliances

01 Apr 2015

The preparatory study for smart appliances under Eco Design is being carried out for European Commission, DG Energy. The study team started effectively in the Autumn of 2014 and is expected to be finshed in September 2016. This study will provide the European Commission with an analysis of all technical, economic, environmental, market and societal aspects that are relevant for a broad market introduction of smart appliances.

The below link provides initial guidance to DG Energy from BEAMA with respect to the scope of the study and flags up some of the issues BEAMA members have identified. This is a first step, more detailed guidance will be developed for the commission in this area as BEAMA aim to ensure any decision made on the viability of implementing measures for smart appliances under Eco Design are fit for purpose in the UK and do not limit market growth and uptake of smart devices.

To view the position paper click here