BEAMA response to National Grid Power Cuts

28 Aug 2019

BEAMA welcomes the publication of National Grid Energy System Operator’s report on the power cut of 9th August 2019 which was published last week.

Whilst the full details are still emerging, firstly it is important that we learn from this event and understand how networks can be better prepared to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Our energy system is in a period of huge change and new challenges will continue to emerge as we navigate this transition. Positive steps are being taken to decarbonise our energy supply which will not only enable low or zero carbon energy on demand, but also in delivering low carbon transport and heat. Appropriate levels of network investment, innovation and renewable energy are all fundamental and underpinning enablers in our move low and zero carbon energy and key building blocks in realising the UK’s net zero ambitions and delivering a smart energy system.

As we move towards Net Zero and smart optimised energy systems there will be obstacles and known and emerging challenges to navigate. This is not a reason to shy away from change, or the opportunity and benefit that it will bring, but to learn from experience and understand how to avoid similar incidents occurring in future.

BEAMA look forward to reviewing further details as they emerge.