BEAMA hosting Net Zero by Design Theatre at InstallerSHOW

23 May 2022

BEAMA, the UK Trade Association for manufacturers of energy technologies and systems, are hosting the Net Zero by Design Theatre at InstallerSHOW this year.  Join our panels of experts to get in-depth understanding of the reality of Net Zero Delivery today.

BEAMA are proud to be hosting our Net Zero by Design Theatre at this year’s Installer live show, working with Elemental, this theatre will showcase the work we are doing with our members and wider stakeholders on Net Zero delivery for the housing sector. 

Download BEAMAs Net Zero by Design report series here – ‘Our vision for a zero carbon home and how we get there’

Never has it been more urgent to address energy efficiency, energy management and efficient low carbon heating in UK homes.  With the rise of energy prices and the impact this is having on consumers, simple measures today can have a huge impact on reducing customer energy bills while preparing homes for Net Zero. We know Net Zero by 2050 will not be met in the UK if we don’t urgently address the efficiency of both new and existing homes. This is made clear by the Committee on Climate Change and UK Government have set out their ambition in the recent Heat and Buildings Strategy. 

UK Building regulations are about to change and this is taking us a step forward, but is this enough and how will these new requirements be delivered? Can the UK hit delivery targets for Heat Pump Installations, and where is the capacity for storage in UK homes going to come from? These are some of the questions we aim to address during the 3-day show. 

While there are huge benefits for consumers, this isn’t always fully understood and Net Zero will mean big changes for installers, developers, housing owners and manufacturers.  We look forward to discussing much of this with industry and government throughout the show and invite all attendees to join us at this pivotal time in our sector’s history. 

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