BEAMA has launched a new web-based Water Softener Resource Centre

17 May 2018

BEAMA has launched a new web-based Water Softener Resource Centre which will be the central primary source of product information, guidance and benefits for both consumers and installers.  Hosted within the main BEAMA website, the website contains links to specification guides, an introduction to softeners pack and case studies showcasing softened water applications.  There are also key facts and figures relating to the impact of hard water and softeners.  

BEAMA’s Deputy CEO, Kelly Butler, welcomed the new resource centre as an important step forward for the water treatment and softening industry; “our water softening group has been on a very constructive journey since coming into the BEAMA association.  The major breakthrough for the industry was the agreement on a statement regarding the permitted use of water softeners in domestic hot water systems when fitted with a bypass in accordance with BS14173.  With water softeners now an accepted and welcomed addition to the specification of an efficient hot water system, it is vitally important that the new resource centre is kept well stocked with useful content for customers and installers.  Over the coming year we will continue to add more case studies, guidance documents and top tips regarding the specification and use of water softeners”. 

The BEAMA Water Softener Group is part of the larger BEAMA Water Treatment Group and its Chair, Kevin Johnson of Monarch, is confident that the profile of softeners is improving all the time; “evidence has been around for a long time that underpins the health and efficiency benefits of softeners.  Some 75% of homes are exposed to hard water which can lead to scale, which in turn increases the likelihood of appliance failure, a need for appliance cleaning and the exacerbation of skin problems.  We want to ensure people are armed with the right information about water softeners and our next step is to work with the installer representation groups to improve general product awareness”.