BEAMA announce launch of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme as milestone moment for the heat pump industry

08 Jun 2022

The launch of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme  in conjunction with the reduction in VAT on heat pumps and ancillaries, and the impact of the recent fuel price cap represents a milestone moment for the Heat pump industry.


For the first time it means that the latest models of heat pump available on the UK market can be the same or cheaper to own and operate over a lifetime than a gas boiler.


The Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant of £5000, funding a VAT-free heat pump, if used in a well-insulated property, can cover around half the installed cost of an average unit, which is expected to have a life of up to 25 years.  With the recent energy price cap increasing average gas prices by more than 50%, and a heat pump providing a Seasonal Coefficient Of Performance (SCOP) rating of over 3.0 while delivering hot water at a comfortable temperature, means that running cost parity with an 82% efficient gas boiler is now achievable, and the lifetime cost of the heat pump can be the same or less than the boiler.


“ This is a milestone moment, but we can’t sit back and expect our Net Zero targets to be met with this alone.  Much more needs to be done to support the heat pump and overall low carbon heating market to ensure UK customers have access to affordable low carbon heat and hot water. There is a huge skills and training challenge facing the industry and this needs government and businesses to work collaboratively. We hope to see support, through reduced VAT, incentive schemes and the building regulations to deliver wider low carbon heating solutions, including ensuring the delivery of the current building regulations for all homes have compliant heating controls, which would reduce customer energy bills instantly at time when it is most needed, while preparing homes for Net Zero”

Dr. Howard Porter



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