A step forward for recruitment and skills development in the industry

08 Jun 2022

BEAMA have recognised today the importance of the recent announcements by government to introduce a points-based system to welcome highly skilled graduates to the UK. This would see talented graduates in areas such as science, engineering and research from international renowned universities encouraged to bring their talents to the UK.


Points based system welcomes highly skilled graduates to the UK - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


Our Industry face a huge skills shortage and we know job vacancies within our industry will only be increasing due to the high pressures placed on our supply chain to deliver the needs of Net Zero. Steps like this are absolutely essential to ensuring our industry can continue to grow and meet the demands of the energy sector, ensuring security of supply and Net Zero by 2050. 


BEAMA recently published a key report outlining the potential growth opportunities within our supply chain if we are to meet Carbon Budget 6 and how this could be a major contributor to the UKs levelling up program and new Green Industrial Revolution.  But we need skilled professionals and we already face huge recruitment challenges. Recruiting young professional into the industry will be one of the major risk factors in the UK being able to capitalise on green growth opportunities at home. 


The announcement today is a step forward, but more will need to be done to support industry and growth.