Western Automation R&D Ltd

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Western Automation (WA) has been an independent provider of RCD technology to OEMs in the switchgear industry since 1985, supplying customers in the UK, mainland Europe, India, China, S Africa, Australia, etc. WA RCD technology is used in more than 2 million RCD products each year.

Up to 2011, the RCD technology was intended primarily for detection of AC and pulsating DC residual fault currents according to IEC61008 & IEC61009, but WA now offers RCD technology for detection of DC residual currents according to IEC62423 – B Types. This can be used for protection in mines, tunnels, solar panels and EV charging, etc.

WA also offers leakage current detection technology (LCDD) for use in IT systems, solar panels and Electric vehicles. LCDD offers a low cost alternative to Insulation Monitoring Devices (IMDs).

WA is currently developing technology for use in arc fault protection (AFDD).

In 2011, WA launched its own range of RCD products, mainly SRCDs and RCCBs, to meet the demands of OEMs who wish to buy badged products rather than technology.

These products are also available under the Mainsafe® brand name, and these products can be seen at www.mainsafe.ie