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Uponor Limited provides plumbing and heating systems for all building types, from one bedroom flats to large public buildings. We offer real solutions for both underfloor and radiator heating systems, including intelligent controls. We are at the forefront of heating innovation, providing a complete comfort experience to all our users.
Our level of expertise is regularly called upon as a reference point by the professions, third-party manufacturers and users alike. Indeed our slogan ‘no sales without support’ shows our dedication to always inaugurate support before a project takes place. On a practical level we appreciate our products are only as good as the technician who installs them.
Invisible Comfort: Indoor Climate

We offer a broad variety of radiant heating and cooling solutions, providing maximum comfort for the user, high energy efficiency and best possibilities for taking advantage of environmentally sound renewable energies.
Reliability and premium quality: Plumbing Solutions

We offer plumbing systems that are corrosion-resistant, hygienic and flexible, providing the construction industry with fast and efficient installation technologies and the end user with long lasting, healthy and trouble free solutions. Our pre-insulated piping systems offer an efficient performance solutions for local energy and water distribution.