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Timeguard Ltd (a member of the Theben AG group of companies) is a fully ISO9001:2015 approved London based manufacturer & importer of Time controls, LED lighting & lighting controls, Safety RCD wiring accessories & Protection products, Wi-Fi controls and Heating programmers and thermostat controls.

As well as its U.K production/assembly operation, the company has its own design team within its R & D facilities and continues to launch many new and innovative products year after year. In 2019, Timeguard has launched the first RCD wiring accessory range in the U.K to meet the new BS7288:2016 standard, launched new LED lighting and LED lighting controls, as well as electronic time delay switches, LED dimming controls and new Emergency Assist Safety Alarm Kits.

The Timeguard website www.timeguartd.com offers full product information, both technical and marketing along with downloadable installation instructions and details of our own You Tube channel with easy to view product installation information.