Sicame UK Limited

Unit 4A, London Medway Commercial Park, James Swallow Way, Rochester, ME3 9GX

  • Sicame Electrical Developments

Sicame UK Limited, is a single corporate entity which wholly owns the three subsidiaries of WT Henley, Sicame Electrical Developments and Sicame Electrical Distribution. Sicame UK designs and manufactures a wide range of electrical distribution equipment that is used throughout the electrical distribution and supply industry. Our products are used across the globe by a number of electricity supply utilities, satisfying their demanding and onerous requirements on many varied network designs and in wide ranging climatic conditions.

Sicame UK possess a quality management system accredited to ISO 9001:2015. In addition the company is fully approved with supply chain specialists Achilles for UVBD, Verify and Supply Line (Ireland), together with RISQS, for manufacturers and suppliers of equipment to the rail industry. Sicame UK holds network rail approval for its large range of polymeric insulators to replace traditional glass or porcelain overhead line equipment. All of our products are fully tested to British or harmonised European or IEC standards.