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Polypipe Ventilation designs and manufactures a full range of energy saving ventilation systems for the domestic and light commercial building sectors. We help customers to achieve higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes by offering ventilation solutions which comply with Building Regulations, lower energy usage and most importantly provide healthy living indoor environments.  

Changes in Building Regulations

Greater air-tightness and insulation in building construction means that both efficient and effective ventilation is now a mandatory requirement of Building Regulations. The ventilation solutions from Polypipe provide optimum building comfort by allowing fresh air to circulate and maintain acceptable levels of indoor air quality, without compromising on the energy efficiency of the installation.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)

Polypipe Silavent Green logo

Silvavent Green Line HRX and HRX2 MVHR appliances warm fresh air drawn into the building using the heat from stale air extracted from bathrooms and kitchens. The Silvavent Green Line MVHR range includes appliances that offer the highest heat exchange efficiency available, up to 95% and extremely low Specific Fan Powers to significantly reduce energy consumption and provide a higher SAP rating.  

Polypipe Ventilation HRX and HRX2

Silavent Mechanical Extract Appliances

Polypipe Silavent

Distributed through Domus duct systems, Polypipe’s MEV appliances provide discreet constant low level ventilation through a central Silavent appliance.

Silavent Intermittent Extract Fans

Polypipe Silavent

Polypipe’s Silavent fans provide rapid, local extraction and include axial, centrifugal, and in-line options. As part of the Silavent Green Line range, Polypipe also offer energy efficient versions for customers looking to exceed the standards of 2010 Building Regulations and reduce carbon emissions by up to 60%.  

 Polypipe Ventilation Fan vers 0.3

Domus Semi-Rigid Duct Systems

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Revolutionary whole house air distribution systems that provide a simple, quick and hassle-free installation to save time and money, Domus Radial can be used with either Silavent MVHR or MEV appliances.  

Polypipe HRX System Plan

Domus Rigid Duct Systems

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Polypipe’s comprehensive selection of high quality Domus rigid duct systems are available in 8 different profiles and offer improved air-tightness and energy efficiency over other rigid duct systems available on the market.

Domus Thermal Duct Insulation

Working in harmony with Domus rigid duct systems, Domus Thermal is a unique (patent pending) duct insulation system, designed specifically to comply with 2010 Building Regulations and radically improve the thermal insulation of ducting in domestic properties.

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