Kamco Limited

  • PowerFlush FX2
  • HyperFlush
  • Clearflow
  • Systemsafe DM
  • Scalebreaker

Kamco Limited have been established 28 years and have six areas of specialisation:-

1. Power flushing and chemical cleaning pumps

Kamco is a leader in the supply and manufacture of specialist chemicals and pumps for power flushing and chemical cleaning domestic and commercial heating systems. The company built the first vertical axis tank mounted flushing pump with reversible flow in 1992, and it is now the format adopted by the majority of effective power flushing pumps on the market.

This method of restoring efficiency to heating systems is now accepted best practice in the heating industry and is promoted by boiler manufacturers as the most effective method to fully cleanse heating systems before installing a new boiler. We supply a complete package of pumps, chemicals, accessories, training and know-how.

2. Cleansing and flushing chemicals, and corrosion inhibitors

We supply a range of chemicals for cleaning, maintaining and protecting heating and cooling water systems, which may be used either with a power flushing pump, or with system pumps in the case of larger applications.

3. Specialist descaling pumps for the domestic and industrial market

We supply purpose built descaling pumps for applications as diverse as descaling domestic boilers, removing scale from plastic mould tools, and ranging up to models for use with large heat exchangers in power stations, industrial boilers and cooling plant. These pumps enable operators to carry out cleaning operations using aggressive chemicals with greater speed, safety, and efficiency.  Any organisation using water for heating or cooling is a potential customer.

4. Descaling chemicals

We manufacture and supply descaling chemicals for removing hard water and corrosion deposits from heating and cooling plant of all sizes, generally for use with Kamco tank mounted descaling pumps.

5. Cleaning chemical products for the combustion side of boilers

Combustion deposits on the fire side of heating plant lead to large energy losses, and the company manufacture a range of specialist chemicals for both on-line and off-line cleaning to restore and maintain efficiency and minimise fuel wastage.

6. Fuel additives to extend low temperature operation of diesel fuels

The company have over twenty five years of experience in the manufacture and supply of diesel fuel anti-waxing additives to the transport and shipping markets, to extend the low temperature operation of diesel fueled vehicles and plant.