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Best Water Technology Group (BWT) is Europe’s leading water technology company. Our global water partner network comprises of the group’s 2,800 employees along with thousands of plumbers, planners, architects and hygiene experts. Using state-of-the-art methods, our Research & Development teams are constantly working on new processes and materials to create products which are both ecological and economical. Collectively, the BWT group work towards reducing products’ energy consumption and the resulting minimisation of CO2 emissions for a more sustainable future.

BWT UK operates in a wide variety of different sectors, meaning that you are never far from a company or building using a BWT product. BWT helps fulfil the water treatment requirements for homes, offices, buildings, schools, industry, hospitals and catering and hospitality facilities. With a high build quality, BWT continue to underline their standing in the market delivering all your water needs, whether it is providing ultrapure water for the pharmaceutical sector, luxury water for the home or beautiful drinking water for your family. BWT makes products that treat water, making it safer, cleaner and more pleasant to enjoy. 

Our mission is to encapsulate the philosophy of working as ecologically, economically and socially responsible as possible, and providing our customers and partners with the best products, systems, technologies and services in all areas of water treatment whilst making a valuable contribution in preserving global resources of our blue planet.