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ABB is the world leading manufacturer and supplier of Power Quality solutions for Low and High Voltage networks by power factor improvement and harmonic distortion reduction.

Low power factor means poor electrical efficiency and lower the power factor, the higher the apparent power drawn from the distribution network.  When low power factor is not corrected, the utility must provide the non-working reactive power in addition to the working active power. This results in the use of larger generators, transformers, busbars, cables, and other distribution system devices, that otherwise would not be necessary.  As the utility’s capital expenditures and operating costs are going to be higher, they are going to pass these higher expenses down the line to industrial users in the form of power factor penalties.

ABB have a team of qualified engineers that cover the UK and can offer to undertake site surveys, system design with regard to energy saving, load reduction and CO2 reduction.

ABB manufacture a complete range of LV and HV standard and detuned free-standing capacitor systems. 

Also available are a range of shelf type assemblies for mounting into switchboards.

Harmonic Mitigation

The ever increasing demand of industry and commerce for stability, adjustability and accuracy of control of electrical equipment led to the development of relatively low cost power diodes and thyristors. Equipment utilising such devices generate harmonic current onto the electrical system and in turn voltage distortion, all of which cause equipment failure overheating cables, transformers etc.

To mitigate these harmonic currents and so reduce the system distortion and meet the REC requirements of ENA Engineering Recommendation G5/4-1 ABB have developed a range of Active Filters which can also offer load balancing and reactive compensation.

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ABB’s total PFC and harmonic reduction approach goes well beyond supplying just the equipment. Thanks to the unrivalled technical backup of the global ABB organisation we support our customers through every step of the project, from establishing the problem, identifying the ideal solution, installation and final commissioning of the equipment

For complete peace of mind, we offer a comprehensive PFC and Active Filter equipment maintenance and repair service anywhere in the UK and this isn’t limited to just ABB supplied equipment but any other make or model.