Our members manufacture, maintain and service critical products into the following sectors: 

  • Transmissions and distribution equipment to the electricity networks and infrastructure facilities
  • Heating and ventilation equipment
  • Building electrical services equipment 
  • Flexible Energy Systems - including storage, EV charging infrastructure, smart metering and IOT devices for the smart management and control of buildings

This equipment goes to support and allow safe operation of all domestic houses, commercial buildings, transport infrastructure, warehouses, data centres, supermarkets, hospitals and medical facilities.

As with many industry sectors our members have been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak and BEAMA is working to support our community of member companies to ensure critical operations and services can remain open while protecting their staff and the general public.  This include essential services like servicing and repairing electricity networks, providing essential components and products to repair broken heating and hot water systems. 

While many of our members have had to reduce their operations to adjust to their customers’ demands and ensure safe working, work still continues and we are meeting weekly with each sector to understand where pinch points may exist within critical supply chains and relaying this to government to try and ensure critical services can remain open. 


We are working closely with other UK trade associations supporting related supply chains and industry services to ensure plans for recovery and a gradual return to business as usual can be managed in a coordinated manner. 

Our members are part of a global industry and we are therefore working with our European trade associations including Orgalim and Applia to maintain direct communications within the industry across the EU and further afield as we understand the implications for supply chains and manufacturing outside of the UK and therefore the provision of parts and materials for the UK market.

If you are a manufacturer operating in the electrotechnical sector and want to find out more with regards to current government guidance and advice to business as well as BEAMAs activities to support industry please visit the BEAMA dedicated web page here for essential guidance links, and or email [email protected]  and we will be happy to help.