Directives & Standards

The BEAMA Technical Department engages across the wide spectrum of product legislation and standardisation, representing the interests of members and assisting the markets’ understanding of constantly changing requirements. BEAMA 's success comes about through its:

  • Policy Committee (BPC)
  • Membership of ORGALIME
  • Network of representation and influence

The BEAMA Policy Committee is BEAMA's flagship policy committee in the field of EU directives, and standards and conformity assessment issues. It is open to representation from all member company sectors and bodies associated with BEAMA.

BEAMA's influence on events is enhanced by its membership of ORGALIME; the European federation of national industrial associations representing the European mechanical, electrical, electronic and metal articles industries, ORGALIME being the European Commission's industry interlocutor of choice. BEAMA is also active in UK Government department circles, and through numerous other committees and organisations.

A mover and shaker in standardization, with members serving on upwards of 200 standards committees, national European and international , and its presence where the strategic policy and management decisions are taken, BEAMA influences the standardization agenda.

BEAMA representatives nominated to the UK standards committees take their brief from the respective BEAMA/BEAMA sector interest group(s), and in some cases go on to be appointed from the national committee to represent the UK consensus position at European and international level. Updates are available via the members area of the website where they can browse issues directly and get instant advice on any matters of specific concern