Contract Price Adjustment - CPA

The BEAMA Contract Price Adjustment (CPA) Advisory Service in its current format was first established in 1969, and provides information and guidance to both BEAMA and non-BEAMA members on a fee paying basis. This specialised service was first introduced to satisfy an increasing demand from many branches of industry for advice and guidance on various aspects of Contract Price Adjustment.

In addition to the Standard Contract Price Adjustment Clause and Formulae for Electrical Machinery and Mechanical Plant, BEAMA also produces a number of product formulae for specific applications covering:-

  • Electrical Machinery
  • Mechanical Plant
  • Industrial Electronic Equipment.
  • Rotating Electrical Machinery.
  • Distribution Transformers (Home).
  • Distribution Transformers (Export) < 10 MVA.
  • Distribution Transformers (Export) >= 10 MVA
  • Distribution Feeder Pillars and Associated Distribution Equipment
  • Turbo Generating and Allied Plant.
  • Switchgear including MV Distribution Fusegear and loose isolators <=36KV.
  • Switchgear and loose isolators > 36 KV.
  • Factory Built Assemblies of Control Equipment: Excluding Erection
  • Factory Built Assemblies of Low Voltage Switchgear (Home) Excluding Erection.
  • Large Power Transformers
  • Annual Service / Maintenance Contract

All of the above formulae are available for both home and export contracts except where specified.

The BEAMA CPA Advisory Service is widely recognised as the United Kingdom authority on Contract Price Adjustment and provides information and advice on a regular basis to over 600 companies.