There is no doubt the digital transformation within our industry is already significant and we expect this to bring with it many more opportunities in the future as well as challenges for our members. BEAMA accepts this as a major change and to support our members we have a dedicated Director of Digital, John Parsons, who oversees all related work.

A key workstreams is Building Information Modelling (BIM), which offers the UK a huge growth sector and major opportunities in the improvement of design and management of building infrastructure. BEAMA are active participants in the BIM Alliance

Our work on cybersecurity has also ramped up in recent years as BEAMA members products cover both the IoT realm as well as critical national infrastructure, both of which are the subject of intense activity.  We are working closely with our European trade associations to oversee the development of the Cybersecurity Act and other related policies. We accept this is both a national and international challenge and one that requires co-operation at all levels. We are actively engaged with government and other UK stakeholders and our membership of trade associations in Europe offers us a solid foundation to support the European work.