BEAMA Activity Update 2018

06 December 2018

2018 has been quite the year, and a lot could happen before December 31st! BEAMA has led engagement with key industry participants and, as the UK’s new relationship with Europe and the rest of the world unfolds, energy systems in the UK and the safety of electrical equipment post Grenfell also undergo considerable change.

Many of our members have contributed to our BREXIT work through EURIS, and this is set to
continue into 2019, as the full implications of the BREXIT changes begin to affect members and their markets. The changing carbon and cost basis of electricity is leading our members to consider their best strategy for future prosperity.

BEAMA is taking a leading role in a number of key industry activities: The leadership of the smart EV
charging Task Force, Chairmanship of the Each Home Counts implementation board, and highlevel involvement with several groups looking at the future of energy. All of these will help inform our member companies future plans and activities.

The increasing focus on electrical product safety and compliance stems primarily from the after effects of the Grenfell fire. The imminent introduction of 5 yearly inspections for private rented dwellings is likely to be accompanied by increased product compliance, a move to be welcomed by our industry, but with some potential new requirements for our members.

Internally the BEAMA team is also going through significant change: our long standing respected Technical Director Anne Humberstone and Keith Smith, electrical industry stalwart, both retired in June. Kelly Butler, Deputy CEO and Marketing Director moved on into industry, and is now a BEAMA member. As a result, and considering
the future retirements of Terry Rowbury and Les Woolner in 2019, BEAMA has put in place a new
management structure, with two new employees. I am confident that this new team will take forward
our services to members into the future and continue to deliver on behalf of our membership!