Beama rewards electrical contractor with £200 prize - after survey reveals concerns over safety of electrical installations

27 Sep 2013

Research conducted by BEAMA has revealed the serious concerns among electrical contractors over the safety of domestic electrical installations. Feedback from hundreds of contractors has added to calls from the CLG Select Committee for regular electrical safety inspections in rented properties.

But following the survey there was good news for David Bailey of David Bailey Electrical Services, a sole trader from Oxfordshire registered on the Electrical Safety Register. BEAMA was delighted to present David with a £200 gift certificate after his name was drawn at random from more than 550 contractors, who provided valuable and greatly appreciated feedback.

The survey findings highlighted a need for action:

  • Around 30% of Electrical Installation Condition Reports identify ‘Danger Present’ in rented properties
  • 25% to 75% of homes have wiring installations more than 20 years out of date (pre-16th edition BS 7671)
  • Landlords are unlikely to instigate a rewire compared to homeowners, despite a growing private rented sector and with rented homes making up 50% of the total stock in some regions of the UK

Typical quotes from more than 200 written comments included:

  • “It’s startling how many people think that because their electrics are working, they believe them to be working safely”
  • “With the properties we inspect it is rare to find no problems”
  • “I see many cases of people purchasing properties who are unaware that the wiring is in a poor state”

BEAMA encourages Government, landlords and consumers to listen to these concerns. Contractors have overwhelmingly told BEAMA they encounter unsafe installations on a regular basis and support action to resolve this. BEAMA also supports the use of registered electricians and products compliant with all relevant standards, which is equally important in allowing tenants and homeowners to be confident that their electrics are safe.

With increasing calls to ensure homes have safe electrical installations, BEAMA hopes that, in time, the safety of domestic electrical installations will be tested as a matter of course, as is rightly the case with gas safety. BEAMA will engage with all relevant organisations to support the adoption of periodic inspection and testing to ensure the safety of consumers.