BEAMA promotes strong and secure smart appliances market in consultation response

21 Jun 2018

In a comprehensive response to BEIS’ Smart Appliances consultation, BEAMA has welcomed steps to ensure that products will work for consumers to ensure a growing smart appliances market. Favouring an initiative that will begin as a voluntary scheme, BEAMA stressed the need for a UK programme to be at least compatible with European schemes currently in development, given the international nature of markets and manufacturing.

Having worked closely with the European Commission and its consultants on Ecodesign for smart appliances, BEAMA is well placed to advise on the best approach for setting functionality requirements. In its response, BEAMA noted the need for some product-specific provisions, both in measurements of functionalities and in terms of how a label would be understood by consumers. A further key point is to ensure that any scheme is accompanied by proper market surveillance from day one.

BEAMA continues to play a significant role in developing the technical standards that Government intends will underpin a labelling scheme, and we welcome the standards mapping ongoing through BSI and BEIS. BEAMA is also contributing to progress in several of the proposed functionality areas under BEIS’ smart appliances scheme, including working across Europe on interoperability solutions, participating in UK Government workshops on cyber security and data privacy, and proposing market structures and service opportunities that will help ensure grid stability in its Electrification by Design series of publications.

While BEAMA understands that developing a smart appliances labelling scheme will be complex, the Government’s collaborative approach is welcome and BEAMA will continue to work with various stakeholders to ensure benefits to consumer

BEAMA Members can view the full consultation response by clicking here