BEAMA promotes ambitious future for heating in call for evidence response

21 Jun 2018

BEAMA has presented a positive, ambitious vision of the future for heat in buildings in response to the Governments’ recent call for evidence. Mindful of the Government’s aim to fully decarbonise heat by 2050, starting with delivering change during the 2020s, BEAMA is in favour of implementing proven technologies and systems that will benefit consumers by delivering low carbon heat to their homes and by enabling network efficiency that in turn improves energy services.

Drawing on BEAMA’s proactively released Heat Electrification by Design the fourth report in the Electrifcation by Design series - the response outlined the advantages of renewable heating products - such as heat pumps - and electric heating and storage products that can form part of a flexible energy system powered by the increasing availability and decreasing cost of renewable electricity generation. BEAMA believes that at least up to 2030 decarbonisation of heat should focus on technologies such as these that have already been successfully established in many consumers’ homes on and off the gas grid. Higher efficiency products are on the market at reasonable cost that can also form part of new models of energy delivery, including targeted regional approaches, packages of services that reduce the burden on consumers to manage and use their energy efficiently, and building on the capability of DNOs to expand their role to deliver further efficiency benefits.

BEAMA also outlined how buildings can be futureproofed with low temperature and convenient underfloor heating, allowing for renewable heating systems, and utilising hot water storage. Furthermore, low cost but important improvements can be made to all systems by installing an effective set of heating controls and ensuring that water-based heating systems operate at their maximum efficiency with correct water treatment. Finally the response noted that indoor air quality is an important consideration in homes with increased insulation, and ventilation solutions can help insure that the public can live in healthy homes.

BEAMA will continue to work with Government as it seeks to implement the decarbonisation aims of its Clean Growth Strategy while ensuring energy security and improving energy bill costs for the long term.

If you would like to download a copy of the Heat Electrification by design or any of the other reports in the Electrification by Design series click here