Honeywell ACS Control Products

  • Honeywell

Energy efficiency has been the focus for Honeywell for over 100 years and for over 60 years they have manufactured heating controls in the UK.

They make controls for all types of heating, whether oil, coal or gas fired, for radiator or underfloor.

These controls help to reduce waste, reduce demand and use fuel more sparingly, ensuring boilers work in the most efficient way possible, creating a heating system that works in harmony with the user’s lifestyle.

Honeywell have a range of wireless controls that can be added to almost any system with the absolute minimum of fuss, mess and disruption.

They also produce a zone system that lets users control different temperatures at different times.

When considering the integration of heating controls into a smart house, Honeywell offer a solution dependent on the size of the property and the complexity of the control required – from integrated remote control of large buildings and complex HVAC systems through to the simple creation of 2 or more heating zones using wireless products that avoid additional wiring and disruption to the property there is something for every property, irrespective of how smart it is.