BEAMA Net-Zero by Design launch

10 September 2019, One Great George Street


Net-Zero by Design- an industry commitment and view on the road to 2050


The BEAMA Senior Sector Council have set out their commitment to the Net Zero 2050 target.  BEAMA Members are invited to attend a launch event for our Net-Zero by Design report, setting out industry’s commitment to this target and view on how to ensure net-zero can be commercially viable for businesses and consumers.

BEAMA accepts the need for urgent action to reduce the devasting global effects of climate change.  We have an important role in ensuring the emission reductions necessary and enhancing the supply chains needed to deliver on this. Here we are making a firm commitment to do so and work with Government to ensure strong leadership from industry and Government is achieved in developing robust long-term policy and regulation to support the market and drive investment.

 This is the first time BEAMA industries have made such a commitment and we will use the event as opportunity to highlight key areas of work we are already delivering on to achieve the level of ambition necessary - including the future of electric heating, building regulations and electricity network investment planning. 

If you are a BEAMA member and wish to attend the above event please email for further information.

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