Ongoing government/industry engagement key to ensuring £938m a year savings are realised

17 January 2012

Responding to the publication of the Public Accounts Committee’s report on 'Preparations for the rollout of smart meters', BEAMA welcomed the report’s acknowledgement of the potential benefits of the UK smart meter rollout.

Commenting on the report’s launch, BEAMA CEO Dr Howard Porter said: ”It is important that industry bodies such as BEAMA, who represent over 20 manufacturers of smart meters and consumer energy displays, continue to work with government to ensure that the programme is a success.

“The huge potential benefits of a UK smart meter rollout were highlighted by a worldwide research project, published in November 2011, which found that the programme could cut UK household electricity bills by £938m a year. This makes it all the more important that the concerns raised by the PAC about this large scale nationwide project are resolved. BEAMA is confident that the ongoing positive engagement between government, industry and consumer groups will succeed in solving them.

"To realise these savings it is essential that the Government, energy suppliers and other stakeholders get fully behind a campaign to engage with consumers on how to benefit from the smart meter rollout.  There is the potential in the UK to exceed the worldwide average.

“It is also important to remember the positive knock-on effect of the smart meter rollout, which is a crucial stepping stone on the way to the development of a smart grid. This has the potential to transform how consumers receive and understand their energy supply, and to deliver vast carbon savings.”

BEAMA and members remain fully committed to supporting the Government to achieve a successful rollout, and would offer its assistance is taking forward the plans for roll out.

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