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  1. BEAMA launches Domestic Heat Pump Industry Manifesto

    11 May 2015

  2. Leading Industry Groups lay out a plan for Sustained Manufacturing Growth - Press Release

    29 April 2015

    Following recent encouraging European growth figures for the Electrical, Electronics and Instruments (EEI) sector, BEAMA and GAMBICA have called on all major UK parties to ensure the next Government sets policies in place that can see the UK compete for equivalent, if not stronger success


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BEAMA is the independent expert knowledge base and forum for the electrotechnical industry for the UK and across Europe.  Representing over 300 manufacturing companies in the electrotechnical sector, the organisation has significant influence over UK and international political, standardisation and commercial policy. 

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  1. Domestic Heat Pump Industry Manifesto

  2. Smart Metering In Home Displays - What are they? What benefits will the deliver?

    This paper provides an update on In Home Displays (IHDs), the value they offer and how they have improved as a result of technological advances and consumer feedback since the initial research was conducted that led to IHDs being mandated as part of the GB smart metering programme.

  3. BEAMA and Gambica General Election 2015 Manifesto

  4. A guide to Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

    This guide considers all the infrastructure elements of EV charging and provides a reference for the different technologies and how they are used.

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