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  1. BEAMA sponsor two young professionals from Eaton and British Gas to represent the UK at the IEC young professionals programme in Tokyo

    8 April 2014

    A workshop was held on the 1st of April for International Standards Professionals involved in Electrotechnical standardisation and conformity assessment work at the IET

  2. Smart Meter In-Home Displays will save Great Britain £6billion

    3 April 2014

    New research published today (3rd April) predicts over £6bn savings onGB households gas and electricity bills from the In Home Displays (IHDs) offered to consumers as part of the Smart Meter rollout.


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BEAMA is the independent expert knowledge base and forum for the electrotechnical industry for the UK and across Europe.  Representing over 300 manufacturing companies in the electrotechnical sector, the organisation has significant influence over UK and international political, standardisation and commercial policy. 

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  1. Guidance on how to comply with the Part L 2013 - underfloor heating

  2. Guidance on how to comply with the Part L 2013 - heating controls

  3. Assessing the Use and Value of Energy Monitors in Great Britain

    Electricity consumption is typically an invisible by-product of low-attention habitual activities. "Most people have only a vague idea of how much energy they are using for different purposes and what sort of difference they could make by changing day-to-day behaviour or investing in efficiency measures"

  4. BEAMA heating controls group TACMA announces effectiveness of domestic heating controls research results

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  1. Middle East Electricty 2015

    2 - 4 March 2015