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  1. Clearing the fog around the new Consumer Unit Regulation

    16 October 2014

    BEAMA, on behalf of the leading manufacturers of consumer units, has published a Technical Bulletin entitled ‘Enhanced Fire Safety from Consumer Units’ to give industry guidance and bring some clarity to the intended application of Regulation 421.1.201

  2. BEAMA, Energy UK and EUA support Smart Meter Device Assurance Scheme

    9 October 2014

    Which? has written to Energy Secretary, Ed Davey, suggesting a central scheme to guarantee smart meter functionality when customers switch energy supplier. BEAMA, Energy UK and EUA are already in the advanced stages of developing the Smart Metering Device Assurance (SMDA) Scheme,


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BEAMA is the independent expert knowledge base and forum for the electrotechnical industry for the UK and across Europe.  Representing over 300 manufacturing companies in the electrotechnical sector, the organisation has significant influence over UK and international political, standardisation and commercial policy. 

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  1. Technical Bulletin - Enhanced Fire Safety from Consumer Units

    Giving guidance on the intended application of Regulation 421.1.201. The Technical Bulletin is fully supported and endorsed by ECA, Electrical Safety First, IET and SELECT.

  2. BEAMA White Paper: Developing a Market for Smart Grids

    This paper outlines a market trajectory for smart grid infrastructure. It reviews network and consumer benefits, possible from smart grids and makes recommendations for policy, regulatory and commercial reform.

  3. Consumer Access Devices A BEAMA Guide

    This guide outlines use cases for applications of data in the consumer home area network and considers wider market trajectories for connected homes.

  4. Smart Metering Device Assurance Scheme Operator Services

    Energy UK, BEAMA, the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA) and the Community of Meter Asset Providers (CMAP) initiated the Smart Metering Device Assurance Scheme (SMDA) as a means of establishing a central assurance regime to encompass interoperability and interchangeability testing for Smart Metering Equipment.

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  1. Middle East Electricty 2015

    2 - 4 March 2015