Guide to Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

17 October 2022

Electric vehicles present huge opportunities and challenges. For some of us they will mean a little more planning ahead, but for others the convenience of charging at home or on the street where we live will be a liberation from the inconvenience of petrol or diesel forecourts. And the benefits – improved air quality, less greenhouse gas, noise and heat pollution, and an integrated, smart electricity system – will make a positive difference to everyone’s lives. New consumer behaviours depend on new technologies, new energy services, and – most visibly – new infrastructure. Most of this infrastructure will be installed at risk and ahead of need. That’s why clear, reliable information about the equipment and the process of delivering charging solutions is so important.

In 2015 BEAMA published its first major, comprehensive Guide to Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, which has since been downloaded more than 20,000 times and has proven to be a valuable resource for owners, users, installers, sellers and even manufacturers of EV charging products.

Now BEAMA has collaborated with the Green Finance Institute to combine an update of our 2015 document with a guide for investors. We don’t want anyone – investor or consumer – to be put off electrification by a lack of knowledge. So, whether you are considering your first electric car or planning a large investment in an electrified site, we hope this guide is a useful overview of the technology and that it helps you to be part of the electric transition.

BEAMA  and GFI Launch Webinar

On November 4th BEAMA and GFI hosted a webinar to launch the new Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Guide.

Watch the webinar here: