Free central London networking event to discuss future smart grid standardisation

24 August 2017

The energy system is fundamentally changing to accommodate new technology and services that affect the way we generate, distribute and consume energy. Standards will play a vital role in making this transition possible, as well as supporting the right market conditions for UK industry to make the most of this change. 

We therefore want to reanimate and reenergize the conversation around the changing energy system, its implications for industry and the role for standards the UK will need to make the most of this opportunity by running a one day event in central London on 13 October 2017, to which you are invited.

The day will feature presentations from keynote speakers and working sessions on the future direction of BSI’s main smart grid committee, L/13. A wide range of energy systems & smart grid stakeholders will attend.

The programme will cover

  • The changing energy systems and the role for standards 
  • The international perspective 
  • The wider relevance of smart grids in relation to smart cities, Internet of Things, etc.

The working sessions will: 

  • Explore the relevance and importance of standards
  • Look at what the future work programme needs to achieve
  • Help boost BSI’s engagement with stakeholders
  • Recruit more support for and participation in this important committee

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to network with others in the energy systems & smart grid arena and contribute to future standardisation.  

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