Ventilation compliance


Ventilation is covered under Part F of the Building Regulations, which includes air quality and prevention of condensation for both domestic and non-domestic buildings. The current version of the requirements is covered in Approved Document F 2010 (incorporating 2013 amendments.)

The Legal requirements for compliance are:

  1. Provide adequate means of ventilation for people in the building, and
  2. Commission fixed systems for mechanical ventilation and associated controls.

The Approved Document sets out required ventilation rates, suitable types of ventilation system to achieve the ventilation requirements, and commissioning requirements, including the fact that a commissioning sheet needs to be provided to Local Building Control following completion of the installation.

The regulations for ventilation apply in existing buildings where there is a material change of use of the building, or where rooms or additional rooms are added. However, there is a general requirement that building work should not make the rest of the building ‘less satisfactory.’ In practice, this means that when work is done that could increase the building’s airtightness, such as adding insulation, it will be necessary to ensure that the building remains adequately ventilated.