Green Homes Grant scheme - Heating Controls

The Green Homes Grant scheme started on 1st October 2020. The scheme provides householders with vouchers of up to £5,000 covering two thirds of the cost of certain energy saving measures. Higher levels of funding are also available for low income households.

Heating controls are included as a “secondary measure” under the scheme. This means they can be incuded in the grant funding if a “primary measure” (see below) is also part of the funding, and only to the maximum amount claimed for that primary measure.

Government guidance provides some examples of heating controls that can be funded. These are included in the list below of suitable controls that will save energy when added to a heating system comprising a gas or oil boiler and radiators, and which can therefore be installed as part of the Green Homes Grant scheme:

  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs)
  • Delayed start room thermostat (i.e. a function within a replacement room thermostat)
  • Smart heating controls (e.g. a smart room thermostat or smart TRVs)
  • Hot water tank thermostat
  • Zone controls (e.g. changes to system pipework or communicating TRVs)
  • Advanced room thermostat with load or weather compensation.

Heating controls only qualify for funding when you also claim one of the following "primary measures":

  1. Insulation (loft, cavity wall, solid wall, flat roof or floor.) This is beneficial as controls will add further savings as well as making sure that your heating system is able to respond to the reduced heating needs from the insulation.
  2. A heat pump (air source or ground source.) Controls will be needed as part of the heat pump installation anyway so this should be automatic.
  3. Solar thermal. Some controls will be needed anyway to integrate solar thermal with your hot water system so will be included automatically. However, you could consider additional controls for your heating system to get more energy and carbon savings.