Why Heat Pumps

Why heat pumps?

Aside from the obvious customer benefit of lower energy bills, the Government has been advised to switch the UK to a low carbon economy built around an electrification of heat and transport strategy.  The Committee on Climate Change sets the Government's Carbon Budgets and advises on methodologies for reaching them and it has set a consistent pathway towards 4.6m heat pumps being installed across the UK by 2030.  Why?  Because heat pumps are highly efficient and provide renewable heat within a clean and flexible energy system.  It is for this reason that the Government is encouraging growth through the promotion of direct incentives to customers and investment in clean energy generation and distribution solutions.

The heat pump uses a reverse refrigeration cycle to generate heat, drawing in low termperature ambient air from the ground, air or water and turning it into high temperature heat.

A heat pump's efficiency is expressed as a seasonal performance factor (SPF).  If an SPF of 3 is claimed, this means a single unit of electricity used by the heat pump can generate 3 units of heat.