How to become a Heat Pump Installer

The provision of incentives and links to Government policy means installers will, by necessity, need to be registered with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.  Whilst the scheme is a company registration, it does require its company members to employ installers who can demonstrate that they have the appropriate skills and experience to fulfill design, installation, set to work, and commissioning of heat pump systems.

Competency can be proven through certified and recognised training and/or experienced worker evidence.  A competency checker tool is available here

Whichever route you wish to take, it's important to remember that a heat pump system utilises many of the common technologies used in boiler systems i.e. a heat generator, cylinder, pipework, heat emitters, and controls.  Experienced heating installers are familiar with all these component parts of a system, which means the primary learning needs are around determining heat requirements, accurate sizing and required heat emitters for optimal performance.  By developing these simple skills, installers can open their business opportunities up to a new and growing renewable heat market.