Homeowners and Consumers

With over half of a typical UK home fuel bill attributed to space heating and hot water, it is not surprising that so many households are turning to renewable heat pumps.  Heat pumps use carbon and cost free input energy, converting low grade heat (most commonly from the air or the ground) into a useful higher temperature heat supply in the home. 

Heat pump technology has far superior operating efficiencies compared to conventional oil or gas boiler technology (ranging from 250% system efficiency to potentially as much as 400% in the UK).  Fuel prices in the UK are volatile but typically heat pumps make a very cost effective alternative to oil or LPG boilers, even at lower efficiencies and can be cheaper than gas boilers with higher system efficiency.

As heat pumps are a renewable and low carbon solution, they attract reduced rate of VAT (only 5%) and Government incentives are available which provides customers with an even greater return for their investment over and above the obvious fuel bill savings.