Smart Building Energy Management refers to products and systems that can save energy, increase comfort, enhance security and support other new technologies, such as electric vehicles. Whilst individual products are in themselves smart by nature, their true potential can be realised through the use of local communications technologies to combine functionality within an end to end system, in some cases integrating with upstream grid infrastructure; the Smart Grid. The system approach has bred a growing interest in interoperability, allowing the sharing of communications routes or sensors by different applications.

Jeremy Yapp - Head of Flexible Energy Systems

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Flexible Energy Systems

The Flexible Energy System sector focuses on how to deliver a flexible energy system that provides the services such as heat and transport that people need at the times they need them while managing the growing intermittency of supply that comes with the increasing levels of renewable generation.

Over the last year, we have established a new Metering Solutions Group to represent the supply chain and services in non-SMETS smart metering and to take account of the growing importance of energy data. We have seen the commencement of SMETS2 installations and given meter manufacturers a strong voice in the final technical and testing hurdles to volume rollout and continued our support for the IHD mandate by commissioning independent qualitative research into consumer use and experience of real-time energy displays.

To reflect the growing importance of electric vehicles, BEAMA hosted a symposium on EV infrastructure and continues to provide significant strategic and operational direction to both the EV Energy Taskforce and the Mayor of London’s EV Infrastructure Taskforce. We contributed to the BEIS/ OLEV Smart Appliances and EV Charging Standards Landscaping exercise.