Elemental Talks in association with BEAMA - Member involvement

06 Nov 2020

BEAMA is partnering with elemental to deliver a series of virtual talks in December. The agenda is being finalised, but opportunities remain for BEAMA member companies to get involved in the content and/or sponsorship

There will be three days of presentations and roundtables focusing on how we can plan and adapt our buildings to achieve our net zero ambitions by 2050:

Day one (Tuesday, 1 December) will focus on future home technologies. While this might conjure up a picture of sensor-driven technologies that monitor energy use, even with mass uptake they will only make a small contribution to achieving the target of net zero carbon by 2050. Much more fundamental changes will be need to our housing stock, involving complete decarbonisation – removing our reliance on natural gas-fired boilers in favour of heat pumps, electric heating, district heat networks, and gas grid alternatives such as biogas and hydrogen.

Day two (Wednesday 2 December) will concentrate on skills for decarbonising heat. This session will reinforce the importance of acquiring knowledge and developing the relevant skills to ensure that products are installed to a standard that guarantees the comfortable, consistent temperatures that the householder expects, now and in the future.

Day three (Thursday 3 December) will consider healthy buildings. Good ventilation and air quality, a comfortable temperature are all components of a ‘healthy’ building. BEAMA is an advocate of greater awareness of the impact of poor indoor air quality in UK homes, and actively campaigns to improve ventilation across the country, working with consumers, policymakers and industry.

 If you are interested please contact [email protected] or [email protected]