BEAMA Reacts to Institute of Directors Smart Meter Report

23 Sep 2016

BEAMA is disappointed that the Institute of Directors is again attempting to derail the Government’s plans to update Great Britain’s energy infrastructure for the 21st century and place consumers in control of their energy use. What is particularly disappointing is that the IoD has been briefed by programme experts with specific reference to previous ill-informed reporting by an organisation that should commit to a balanced and evidence backed outlook. 

Any survey of IoD members’ willingness to pay for the cost of smart metering equipment in their own home must be measured against the extensive research undertaken by Government and Industry groups, which show an expected benefit of £6bn including significant savings for consumers. An overwhelming proportion of consumers with a smart meter say that they would recommend one to others.

Providing access to energy savings for vulnerable consumers and the fuel poor is a critical issue and the smart metering programme is at the heart of the policy framework to tackle the problem.  It is a pity that the IoD is showing such a high disregard for these vulnerable groups, but notwithstanding the organisation’s stance, it is positive that other responsible companies are producing innovative products and services based on smart technology to improve Britain’s energy efficiency. This will help mitigate climate change, save consumers money, make Britain’ energy supply more secure and improve people’s lives.

Benefits snapshot:

  • Accurate billing
  • Fewer complaints
  • Easier supplier switching
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Access to new products, services and tailored advice
  • Pre-payment metering costs eradicated