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Ronacrete manufactures market leading screeds and screed additives for underfloor heating systems.

Responsivity times for underfloor heating systems embedded in traditional sand/ cement screeds are slow, raising the temperature of a sand/cement screed can take several hours. Ronacrete has developed a range of screeds for underfloor heating with an SAP (Government Standard Assessment Procedure) rating that indicates a response time typically half to a third of the time of traditional sand-cement screeds. This makes the Ronacrete underfloor heating systems comparable for responsivity with other forms of room heating.

There are five specialist underfloor heating products:

RonaScreed Fast Drying Underfloor Heating Screed a fast drying screed additive, this is also available in pre-packed form as RonaScreed Pre-packed Fast Drying Underfloor Heating Screed.

Ronafix Underfloor Heating Screed 40mm+ is a screed additive, again also available pre-packed as Ronafix Pre-packed Underfloor Heating Screed 40mm+ which allow floating screeds to be installed from 40mm thickness and require only 20mm cover to heating pipes.

RonaScreed Flowable Underfloor Heating Screed is a cement based self smoothing screed that can be installed from 40mm thickness and requires only 20mm cover to heating pipes.

About Ronacrete Limited

Ronacrete is an international manufacturer of specialist construction products with factories and development centres in the UK and the Far East.  Accreditations include NQA certification for BS EN ISO 9001, BS EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.  Market leading brands include Ronafix admixture and Ronafix modified pre-packed mortars with BBA approvals for screeds, renders, concrete repair and bedding.



Ronacrete can also deliver a RIBA approved CPD seminar Guide to specifying screeds with underfloor heating visit the Ronacrete website for more information.