Water softener FAQs for plumbers

What does a softener installation involve?

Installation takes about 4 hours and involves connecting the unit to the mains water supply, and connecting to a power supply (unless the softener is non-electric). it is possible for a DIYer to carry out the installation but It is advisable to get a water softener installed by a professional plumber for complete peace of mind. 

What maintenance is needed for a softener?

Softeners need little ongoing maintenance. Should a repair be needed refer to manufacturers' instructions.

How can I get involved in the supply chain?

Contact a BEAMA member. Manufacturers often operate via merchants, dealers and installers, and will be happy to advise on how you can capitalise on the opportunity to join a growing market.

Where can I go for technical support?

Contact the manufacturer in the first instance.


Plumbers and Installers

60% of homes in the UK are supplied with hard water, but most do not have a softener fitted. We aim to help plumbers and installers to get involved in the supply chain by offering technical guidance and specification information. Fitting a softener takes 3-4 hours and is no more complex than installing a washing machine.

There is new clear guidance to remove the perception, held by many, that a softener is not suitable for a home with a gas boiler central heating system. The new guidance states that where a water softener is present in the dwelling, you should ensure that the heating system primary circuit is filled with mains water via the general bypass valve as required in BS 14743. Check the resources link below for the full statement.


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