Anti - Counterfeiting Working Group

The BEAMA Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group (ACWG) was formed in 2000. Its objective is to take action against counterfeiters making counterfeit electrical installation products, and the traders who distribute them to many international markets, including those in the Middle East and Africa, which form an important part of our members' export business. It has achieved global recognition for its proactive work and receives cooperation from trade associations around the world.

What is Counterfeiting?

Counterfeiting is the illegal reproduction (imitation) of products. This imitation is illegal when an Intellectual Property Right (IPR) is infringed, such as:

  • A registered trademark or trade name
  • An unregistered proprietary right for the 'trade dress' or 'get up'
  • Designation of a product and/or patent, utility model and/or design right/design patent
  • Copyright

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BEAMA's Anti-Counterfeiting Work in Progress:

  • Working with the investigation company; EYE P, manufacturers in China and distributors in many Middle Eastern and African countries have been targeted, as well as containers in transit.
  • To date 16 brands are represented, and over 15 million products have been seized.
  • The Working Group have built up what is probably the best database in the world for the electrical installation industry of counterfeiters, which is passed to authorities worldwide for them to follow up in the local markets.
  • By publicising the Working Groups' activities through the counterfeit kills website, trade magazine articles, presentations, participation in conferences and the production of guides and posters, it is hoped to raise the profile of this rapidly growing, potentially damaging threat to consumer safety and members' export business.
  • The Working Group has produced 2 short films which emphasise the dangers of selling, buying and installing counterfeit products and suggests action which key players in the supply chain should take to defer the counterfeiters. Over 20,000 of these films have been widely distributed in the affected areas. To order a free copy(s) click here.
  • Any manufacturer of electrical installation products worldwide with a problem involving infringement of its intellectual property rights is welcome to attend the Working Groups' meetings.
  • The Working Group is responsible for managing the various anti-counterfeiting projects, collecting and disseminating information on IPR issues, and responding to government and others on behalf of the association. It also offers advice and information to any company or association which has a problem with IPR issues.

Companies interested in attending an ACWG meeting to discuss their IPR problems, or companies wishing to join a project should email the ACWG.

Counterfeit Today:

  • Represents up to 15% of World Trade
  • Is the world's greatest form of theft
  • Profits are linked to organised crime
  • Profits are linked to international terrorism
  • Mostly traded illegally - money laundering
  • Provoke serious issues of health and safety

Effects of Counterfeiting Include:

  • Loss of PRODUCTION
  • Loss of MARKETS
  • Loss of JOBS
  • Loss of PROFIT